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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is electricity available for crafters and/or restaurant vendors?


A: Electricity is available in certain areas for crafters and restaurant vendors.  There is no extra charge. If you need electricity to your booth, we advise that you turn in your application ASAP.  Electricity is not available at every booth space and spaces are on a first come, first served basis.


Q: When can vendors begin to set up their displays?


A: Vendors are allowed into the building at 7:00 am the day of the show.   We do not have access to the building the night before the show to allow for set up, nor do we have a way to guarantee the security of personal property overnight.


Q: Will the photos I submitted with my application be returned to me?


A: Yes, photos will be returned to each vendor when you check in the morning of the show.


Q: How big are the crafter booth spaces?


A:  Booths are 10 ft wide & 8 ft deep.


Q: Do you allow direct sales at the show?  i.e. Arbonne, Party lite, etc.


A: No.  All items must be handcrafted.  If we feel that a crafter is selling items that are not handcrafted, they will be asked to leave the show immediately.


Q: Do you provide the vendors with assistance for unloading and/or loading their vehicles?


A: Yes.  We have volunteers on hand to help both with the unloading of crafter vehicles in the morning and re-loading after the show.  Help request forms will be in vendor check-in packets or stop by the volunteer table near the main entrance of the show.


Q: Does the building have WiFi?


A: Yes, the building has WiFi. However, we strongly encourage you to be prepared to accept a form of payment other than credit cards. 

Q: Will there be runners available this year for lunch?

A: No, we are not able to provide lunch runners this year.


Q: Do you provide any equipment for crafters?  i.e. tables, chairs, etc.


A: No, we do not provide tables, chairs, power cords, table coverings or any other equipment for crafters.

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